Biological Physics Cluster

Vision Statement

Living systems are out of equilibrium and various chemical pathways can drive them depending on their physical and chemical states. Fundamental understanding of these pathways, how they function as integrative systems and the ability to manipulate and predict their behavior is essential for understanding biology as well as human disease.

Over the past decades, the University of Utah has been at the forefront of genetics and structural biology research. These efforts have contributed to an atomistic view of many of the components of living systems; however, understanding which reactions drive the system at any given moment and ways by which to interfere with this process and predict its outcome are not trivial and remain as fundamental challenges.

The Biological Physics Cluster aims to create a fundamental understanding of the complex dynamics of biological systems as well as novel ways by which to manipulate these pathways and predict their outcomes. To achieve this aim we will develop research in imaging platforms that enable live measurements of biological systems to further understand their dynamics.

We also propose development of tools and macromolecular assemblies that can take advantage of the biological interactions, perform specific functions and therefore interfere with biological pathways in cells. In addition we also support the development of a theoretical framework for the function of biological components from the molecular to cellular level that would allow predictions of the systems behavior. The Biological Physics will enable observation, manipulation, and prediction of the behavior of biological systems leading to a deeper understanding of Biology and human disease.